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In 2014 RapidSSL® advised that pricing would be aligned and adjusted to encourage and reward in-market focus, investment, and support for all RapidSSL® SSL Certificates sold to Japan.

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The Products Listed On This Page Have Now Been Depreciated By Trustico®

We pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional service and a great range of products. However, the supply of a product can become disrupted due to constraints out of our control. The products listed on this page are no longer available for purchase. Good News! Alternate products are available.

More Information

From 14th April 2015, Trustico® adjusted its retail and partner pricing in accordance with contractual requirements and agreements.

From 10th September 2015, Trustico® ceased to offer RapidSSL® products to retail customers affected by the RapidSSL® pricing changes, though will continue to offer RapidSSL® products to Trustico® resellers and additionally to customers that wish to make an arrangment with us.

Primarily, the reasoning behind the decision to cease offering RapidSSL® products to retail customers is due to the lack of support and transparency being received by RapidSSL® within the Japan region.

It is highly recommended that both Japan retail and reseller customers affected by the Japan pricing changes renew or purchase an alternate solution, such as our Comodo® offering.

Trustico® does not support the pricing changes mandated by RapidSSL® and is calling for other affected RapidSSL® partners to reach out to the Trustico® management team for a general and confidential discussion.

Not All Products Are Subject To Increased Japan Pricing

Only Symantec® owned brands are subject to pricing adjustments. Throughout the ordering process we will detect and advise if your order is subject to the Japan price increase and present an alternate product offering.

In all cases, your order will be processed within the usual timeframes when using our automated online ordering systems and the SSL Certificate issued will be of equivalent security standards.

It is important to note that RapidSSL® has mandated that all partners comply with new Japan pricing structures. If you find a price that is hard to believe, let us know.

Our RapidSSL® Reseller Pricing Structure

RapidSSL® offers a low price SSL solution and is delivered instantly via e-mail. Within minutes of an order your website can be secured and ready for e-commerce transactions. RapidSSL® has 99.9% browser recognition and is an entry level SSL Certificate designed for websites conducting low transaction volumes.

RapidSSL® Products & Services Standard RapidSSL® Recommended Retail Price Japan Region Trustico® Reseller Price Rest Of The World Trustico® Reseller Price

If you require any assistance or are looking for further information about the RapidSSL® Japan pricing changes, please Contact Us. Our staff are ready to assist with information and support upon request, we look forward to welcoming you as a Trustico® customer.