Issuance Insurance

Protect Your SSL Certificate Purchase

It is important to keep your SSL Certificate investment safe from unexpected server crashes and loss. Issuance insurance is useful if your server crashes or you need to move your SSL Certificate from one server to another with ease.

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What Is SSL Certificate Issuance Insurance

Issuance insurance will allow you to submit a new request for an SSL Certificate completely free of charge. Your SSL Certificate will be reissued with any existing validity that is remaining.

It is important to note that you will need to ensure your product includes issuance insurance or allows you to purchase it during the initial ordering process to be eligible for a replacement SSL Certificate.

If your order does not include issuance insurance and you unexpectedly lose your SSL Certificate or Private Key you may be required to purchase the full priced product again.

You can make a claim for issuance insurance throughout the validity of the SSL Certificate and generally the SSL Certificate can be reissued an unlimited number of times.

How To Replace Your SSL Certificate

If an SSL Certificate order includes issuance insurance you must use the My Account section of our website to begin the issuance insurance process. We recommend generating a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and Private Key whenever reissuing an SSL Certificate.

If you have purchased issuance insurance you should also access your order by visiting the My Account section of our website and then proceed to follow the instructions provided.

If you have not purchased issuance insurance and the product does not include it, you may not be eligible to use the issuance insurance system and subsequently this service may not be available.