Australian GST

Applicable From July 1, 2014

Trustico® by Red 16, Inc. is incorporated within the United Kingdom, therefore, GST may not have been applicable to your order. From July 1, 2014 Trustico® by Red 16, Inc. has opted to voluntarily register for GST in Australia. GST will be applicable to all orders submitted by customers located within Australia.

Trustico® GST and VAT

GST May Be Applicable For Australian Customers

Trustico® by Red 16, Inc. is registered in Australia for GST with ABN 74 211 416 270. If an address provided during the ordering process is outside of Australia, GST will not be charged (0%).

If an address within Australia is provided during the ordering process, the order will be subject to GST at the rate of 10% and will be added to the order value.

We recommend that customers with further questions about GST contact their local tax office or financial adviser.

To find out if VAT (Valued Added Tax) is applicable to your order please Click Here. VAT is generally not applicable to orders originating outside of the European Union.

If you are required to provide a tax number it is important that it is provided correctly during the ordering process. Tax registration details are checked for accuracy using automated and manual processes.